Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 36: Do I have a Choir?

I am starting to be a bit redundant here. Yes, another week of no progress. I am out of tears and my frustration is turning to sullen apathy at this point. I am tired of hearing that the bank does not have to abide by the same rules and regulations as the rest of the US population. I mean the rules and regulations are created by them (through our own legislation), so you would think they would be the first to uphold their end. You would think. And you can laugh. Out loud.

The listing agent has no balls to confront the bank and get this thing moving. I mean a split $500 commission just is not going to be motivation to be a strong force against the a*holes. Nope, I'm on my own in my cloud of frustration. I am the only one that seems to care that I am going to be homeless in a few weeks if this does not go through anytime soon. My buyer's agent just keeps saying "It's ridiculous...it'd be easier if we were dealing with an individual and not a bank."

I keep thinking I get to lose my initial investment because someone didn't do and doesn't want to do their jobs.

I am afraid to push the envelope until after the paperwork is finished, but I do plan to make a HUGE congressional complaint. I will be heard. Neighborhoods? Why are you not putting together a class action against Fannie Mae and cohorts for allowing houses to rot and blight to fester? Local politicians? FUCKING care about your jurisdictions and constituents. Owner-occupants? You, too, should be questioning these unfair selling practices (i.e. only investors who do not have 'time is of the essence' issues and worries can buy at low prices; the rest of us have to buy homes from them at inflated costs and low appraisals if we hope to live in the damn thing). We lose out over and over and we allow them to walk all over us. They make rules for us to follow and then ignore them for themselves. It's not healthy or fair or sustainable. Someone needs to stop this ride.

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