Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 25: Closing Woes

Well, another cancellation. At least now I know why, however, and have just resigned to wait. Maybe wait for copper thieves, or mischievous boys, or other tragedies of an abandoned and unloved house. I have to let go. I am driving myself crazy with worry. What will be, will be. It is not my house until the dotted line is signed.

Yesterday, the house was wide open in the back. I walked around and knocked loud and screamed into the cavernous hallway, "Go away!" I called Sr, practically in tears (even though I could see no damage) and while standing in the backyard, a boy of maybe 9 or 10 rode his bike across the neighboring yard. He saw me and jumped. His friends that were chasing him all halted to look at me. Finally, one says, "Ma'am, that house is abandoned!"

I smiled and told them it was not any more. The house belongs to me. I asked them if they had been in the house (mentioning too, which is totally true, my love of abandoned propertied when I was their age). And they said, "No, we just look to see if any one is in there..." They told me 6 men come and go.

My mind went back to the crusts of a PBJ sandwich I saw a few weeks ago and I smiled inside. These little boys are probably my squatters. I told them to be careful and that I was happy to be their new neighbor.

I then made a little visit to the police station. I spoke with an officer who not only immediately knew where I was talking about, but knew the inside of my house. He said young boys were hanging out in it and had done it no harm. I spoke with him at length about the bank frustration and he offered security tips. I hope he checks on it when he's out paroling the neighborhood. He certainly won't forget me for some time (I flashed him my own badge, something I very rarely do!)

So, why did the bank cancel (for the third time)? Apparently, there is a paid off, but unreleased mortgage dating back to 2007. This would have been before our big real estate melt down. I knew of this refinance from the bankrupted investors that owned the house because I researched it in the beginning. I had no idea that it was still an issue. I would think they would have caught that before they listed the property, but I am asking Fannie Mae employees to not be incompetent (this coming from a fed worker, by the way!)

We are now scheduled for the 29th. This is four days past the closing (before or on) date the bank picked in the first place. If I tell them to fuck off, I lose my $1000 good faith deposit. The bank gets all the benefits and the buyer, especially an owner-occupant buyer, gets all the BS.

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