Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 20: Of Course

Growls and snarls have been coming from me all day. GD bank and title company screwed up and did not get my title work sent in time for the 48 hour cooling off period. So, one hour before I was to go do the walk through, I sent a text asking for the amount for closing. A few minutes later, my realtor calls and says, 'We have a problem...'

This is all two hours before the closing. No one called me. I pleaded with them to make it happen (not possible due to the gvern regulations), to let me put the doors in anyway (nope, not going to happen), for anyone to have a fucking heart (definitely never going to happen).

Meanwhile, I have the doors purchases and Sr is standing by to install them. Needlesstosay, I was brought to tears with frustration. They said they want to schedule it for next week, but I am out of town for work. Their response was to say get a power of attorney. Well, paperwork is fine and dandy, but we are left then with no one to install the blessed doors.

I eventually calmed down enough to say I wanted it early on Friday. This will mean another 4 hour trip for Sr to help me put the doors in properly. I will keep the doors and the truck, meanwhile, to help keep gas costs down (it'll basically be parked at my office for the week due to impending travel).

The morel of this post is if you are going to try to this method of unconventional house purchasing, never, ever expect anyone in the business to have a heart or any human emotions at all. They are all heartless bastards (in fact, I believe this is where this cliche was born).

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