Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 24: The Continuation of Frustration

My realtor texted me today with a message that began, "I am taking the coward's way. I want you to read and digest this before you call..." It went on to say Fannie Fucking Mae had not completed my paperwork today, something about some sort of HUD1 paperwork, and this means it would not be there in time for the 48 hour hold. WT Royal F? I thought that was the excuse last Friday???

I cannot believe the incompetence of these banks.Meanwhile, <del>my house</del> their foreclosure is sitting there a sitting duck to a mass of vandals and desperate crooks. I am so tired of worrying it will be stripped out. I just want doors on the thing! I am driving by at least once a day, but I'll be gone this weekend and probably next week partly for business. Ultimately, I cannot be a constant keeper of the bank-owned-house-with-the-plywood-door. I want to remedy the situation and it is driving me crazy!

I cannot close until next Friday because it has to be timed to be able to install proper doors. I only have someone on Friday. I am so frustrated, it hurts. I cannot wait to write a bookn about all of this bullshit with the banks. The next time I hear someone blame neighborhood demise on people, I will speak up and tell them who they should be pointing the finger at instead. We allow "them" (i.e. banks) to have the power over all of us. At some point, we need to call their bluff. Tell them they are an emperor with no clothes!


  1. I know! We are now scheduled for the 29th. I'm losing my steam, LOL!