Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 33: No New News to Tell

I actually had to edit the title because I put Day 27. It's been 33 (thirty-three) days!

Here we are...more than a week later from the last time I posted anything about all of this headache. I spent last week away from KY (for work) and tried to just put it all out of my head. I stopped by the house on Thursday and all was well. The gate had been opened again, but I am trying to just hope it was the listing agent.

No word on whether the bank got their issues worked out yet. If they don't have it ready by Wednesday at 8:45, I won't be closing again next week. Really, they have no accountability. They can hold the earnest money indefinitely with no repercussions, but if I tell them to go f*ck themselves, I have to walk away from $1000 (plus any costs associated with the inspections). And, of course, I have now run out of time to bid on any other properties (my lease ends 8/07). It's infuriating and unfair and I am just waiting until neighborhoods sue these banks and their half-ass attempt to sell foreclosures for the blight they are the sole cause of in many areas. Like I mentioned, if my house if damaged by vandalism or theft or fire or nature, I can walk, but they get to pocket $1000. Amazing racket, isn't it?

So, I am scheduled for 06/29 for a 9 am closing. I hope the agents start putting some pressure on the bank, but they seem scared of them. How do we fight back?

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