Thursday, July 26, 2012

West End Girl

OK, no more boo hooing about closing on the house!

The closing finally happened on July 13 (Friday!). The day of the closing I heard Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" twice on the radio. I hoped it was a sign of good things to come.

My first project was to gut the house of it's yicky carpet and three layers of vinyl flooring. I also had to moved all of my stuff from the apartment (bank too me to the wire on my lease) and it is currently crowded and ugly right now, but do I ever have inspiration running amok in my head. I cannot wait to dip brushes into paint, shovels into dirt, and rebuild this baby into her former glory. Only a bit more modern.

I have taken to calling her Fannie J. Glory.

Of course, I am still full of the negative nellie stories: Like the mountain of garbage I found in the front yard on the first day, or the punk guy who gave me the look of hate because of the neighbor's garbage can in his way, or the nightly domestic fights. Welcome, Friends, to the ghetto!
I do have some photos to share, but for now, I am dreamy with what will be. I will instead leave you with some links to beautiful things.

I love the blog All the Luck in the World. Check out the second and third photo on the post I linked here. Gorgeous!

And, here is a link to a Pinterest Board I made last month. I am constantly adding to it.

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