Friday, September 28, 2012

Really? Two Months?

Well, I see I forgot I have this blog. Life just seems to get faster and faster and two months (plus!) have marched away since I closed on the Louisville house. I am working away on her, but my early zest has trickled to a bit of a slow crawl thanks to work travel and other items that have taken my focus of late.

So, to catch up, here is what I have managed to complete:

*New roof
*Office floor finished (more on that in a minute)
*Painted the living room (horrible shade that will need to be redone later)
*Painted part of the kitchen (really great color)
*Installed most of the kitchen floor
*Installed new doors
*Uninstalled cabinets in kitchen (much better!)
*Patched up some holes

Wow, looking at this list makes me feel I've hardly accomplished anything, but many of these projects took a long time, not to mention money, to complete (like the roof). I still have two major exterior projects to complete before winter gets here-siding and insulation. I still need to have the furnace examined or replaced as well. Once I get past those hurdles, it's mainly cosmetic.

I really like the neighborhood and the neighbors all seem friendly enough. The most excitement has been an accident that happen this past Sunday inches from my car (so I am parking down the street a bit now). My only gripe is that there is nothing to do around here. This is such a cool, historic area of Louisville. Where the H is the restaurants, pubs, shops? I am really hoping some revitalization happens around here at some point (sans gentrification). On the plus side, there is a Habitat Restore and a great thrift shop within walking distance to my house.

And, in "file under wonderful", I have been told I am moving to a home office! This is such great news and will not only help me save on mileage, but will give me back at least an hour of my life! This, of course, meant the office room moved from near the end of my ginormous house list to near the top. I'm not complaining; I'm ecstatic!

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