Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 7: Cry

So, once again I've probably lost. This time the realtor dropped the ball on getting my paperwork in on time. See, the house of interest is a Homepath house with a 15 days Owner-Occupant period. It ended yesterday. She had told me she would have the paperwork ready by evening, but 8 came and went and I finally texted her a general "How's it going". She responded closer to 11 with a statement about another buyer's issue and that she wouldn't be able to get to mine until early the next day (today and it is 9 am the next day as I write this). I checked the Homepath website and the "first look" symbol is gone which means the house is now available to all interested parties. Now, I must compete with the big dog investors and they force you to go above the asking price. I don't have the capital. I am going higher this time around, but I doubt it will be high enough.

I am so frustrated. I just want to pay cash for a house that I also plan to live in. I prefer a house with electricity still in it. Maybe a toilet. I'm beginning to think the stars are against me being a home owner in Louisville. I refuse to take out another mortgage.

I am running out of time...two months left in my apartment.

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