Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 6: Another Part of the Story

Here is an interesting experience I had the other day while at the house by the tracks. I was sitting in my vehicle on the phone waiting on the realtor. I saw a couple of cars drive by and glance my way. The part of the street the house sits on is a small stretch dead ending at the railroad tracks. Both houses on this section are boarded up. Almost all of these vacant homes I've been viewing have been boarded up.

One of the vehicles, a newer SUV went by and then returned. They pulled into the short piece of road and blocked my vehicle. I told my friend I was letting her go (at first I thought they were pulling up next to me to ask me something). Soon after, out jumped 4 men in black t-shirts and khaki shorts. I grabbed my badge (part of my job I'll talk about later) and started to hop out of my car. One of them reached into the driver's window and turned on a red blinking light behind the rear view mirror.

I got out and said: "First, I'm waiting on a realtor to show me the property. Second, I'm an officer..." I showed them my badge. The one guy says, "Are you thinking of buying this place to rent out?"

Um, no...

I said, "Actually, I'm looking to buy and occupy a house in this area."

All four looked squarely at this 5'03" petite woman and I saw "crazy" written like stars in their eyes.

I stated, "I'm really glad you guys showed up's a great sign you are watching out for all these vacant homes and the community." They just stared and nodded.

Of course, I'd love to ask where the hell they were when the house was broken into and vandalized. I also didn't ask for their credentials and for all I know they are part of some West End Mafia. I guess that would be interesting!

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