Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 11: On Unwanted Roommates

So, my offer was countered and the bank asked for more money. I visited the house today because I had not had a chance to preview the inside. It is lovely. As soon as we walked in, however, I heard a door shut. I said to the realtor, 'Someone is living here...they just left out the backdoor." She asked if I was certain and I was.

I suspected someone was living there the first day I peeked in the windows. I saw plastic cutlery on the floor in one of the back rooms. Also, the window was open. And, I felt like I was being watched.

We walked into the house and my stomach has butterflies in it. In the back I saw a rather nice bike and the crusts of a recently consumed peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No doubt someone is staying in the house. The back door was also unlocked.

After looking around and deciding the house has great bones and potential, I signed the counteroffer. I am soon to be the transient's landlord! I left a note on the bike thanking him for being neat and respecting the property and that I was sorry he had to move. I wished him the best. I hope whomever he/she is they have a heart and move on without vandalizing the house. There are many, many more vacant homes in the city for someone to crash in.

If the house is vandalized, I can get out of the contract. Paragraph 11: House shall be maintained in the condition at the time of the offer.

I wish the bank would install new doors. I really want peace of mind.

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