Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 1: New Adventures

This is a record. A historical document of my adventure of home ownership in Louisville. A crazy timeline of deciding to be brave and move to the 'seedy' part of town. A chance to be mortgage free and own my own piece of the city by the Ol' O-hi-o. Keep your fingers crossed the bank takes my cash...

House one is a 1900 Shotgun in a decaying neighborhood Central-West. I have a low offer pending and waiting for a bank's decision. The house has been stripped of it's copper and pipes. It is a foreclosure that has sat empty for some time. The house next door is a posted former Meth lab. The bank wants more money. I want to spend as little as possible before fix-up. I wait until word on Monday (hopefully) and whether the bank will accept my low ball, cash offer.

Meanwhile, check out these inspirational blogs. Do you think we can all make a difference one urban lot at a time? Or am I just another (not crack) pipe dreamer?

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