Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Before/After Days


It's been over a year since I updated the house/urban living blog o' mine. Since March 2013 (yep!), so much has evolved in my life. I am still living in my wonderful Camelback Shotgun house deep in the urban neighborhood of Portland (Louisville, KY). In fact, I am spending much more time here courtesy of a divorce and a change of job duties. In case I never mentioned it, I previously lived back and forth between here and Northern Indiana due to a job transfer and traveled north every weekend (a story for another time).

The divorce (still pending and still vicious) was petitioned July 2013 almost to the date of my house purchase anniversary (7/12). It's been stressful on my mind, heart and finances to say the least. House renovations basically came to a screeching halt while horrible, greedy lawyers and The Evil Ex sucked away all my savings. My vow to only use cash on the house work had to be adjusted. Sadly.

But, work has commenced and I am actually feeling more in sync with my old house and my new challenging life. I've made beautiful friends, worked in my community by planting trees and gardens, learned to be ultra-frugal and accepted that my life is headed in new and curious ways. I've made great strides even in the wake of a massive war that is divorce. My community involvement, friends and this house have helped me stay above swirling, dark waters. Well, all of those things plus my dogs (new guy joined our motley crew in December).

I hope to pick back up where I left off here. Catch up on all the sorid details. I have lots of photos to share and lots of stories to tell about the neighborhood and house that finally gave me a home. I want to jump back into the adventures of saving the soul of an abandoned house located deep in a transiting urban neighborhood or perhaps this is simply the story of saving the soul of an abandoned girl living deep in a transiting urban life.


  1. I stumbled onto your blog while looking for historic images of West Louisville (a project I am working on from afar involving some of its rough history from the 19th century) and enjoyed reading about your adventure with your house. Best of luck to you.

  2. Thank you! I have obviously been MIA again, but have plans to document the adventures again. :)