Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dogs like Cookies Too

I am on my own tonight for Christmas Eve for the first time in decades. Last year, I had a boyfriend. The year before that, I had a housemate. Thirteen years before that I was co-habitating or married to my children's father. Before him, I had another boyfriend and lived in my hometown with siblings and parents and on and on. The last time I was alone on December 24th was when I was 25 and living in Tucson, AZ with my dog Isaak (RIP sweet boy). Exactly twenty years later, I am alone again. Well actually, like in AZ, I am not really completely alone now either; I am sharing the holiday with Banksy and Orca, my current two loving and beautiful dogs.

And, this holiday eve is warm and mild which has been a very lovely break from last year's hellish winter. The pups and I took a long walk along the Ohio river, under a bright, blue sky. When we returned home, I wanted to make cookies; however, I haven't much a sweet tooth these days. So, I made dog cookies!

Here is the recipe if you want to make some for your own loving canine. I based it off this one, but changed it to meet my own specifications. For one, I did not add dried milk or salt.

Canine Cookies

2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 cup of oats (quick or regular)
1/2 cup of nutritional yeast (optional but adds nutrients and flavor)
1 bouillon cube (I'm a vegetarian so I used a vegan "pork" flavoring)

Put in mixer bowl and mix together

Add to flour mix

1 cup peanut butter (I only had chunky, but either one is fine)
2 eggs
1/2 cup plus 2 Tablespoons of water (enough to make a dough)

Mix well. Turn out on parchment paper and lightly dust with flour. Roll and cutout in desired shapes.
Bake at 300 degrees F for 40 minutes (until lightly browned). Let cool (the cookies will quickly harden up). Keep like any other cookies in airtight container.

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