Friday, March 1, 2013

Cool Idea

I came across this interesting group called Good Garbage based here in Louisville. I found it via another local blog, D.I.Y Louisville. The group serves the community by providing an outlet for artists to find, repurpose and reuse items destined for the landfill. I love it! Obviously, having purchased a boarded up, abandoned house in the "throw-away" part of Louisville, I am very much pro-repurposing! I applaud the group!

I also would love to utilize this group. See, I have this idea and I have no idea if the rest of the neighborhood would stand behind me, but I would love to see it happen. Being so close to a major river, but being cut off by a highway has posed a lot of issues for this area. The area that borders the highway is blighted. At some point before I moved to Portland, a group of artists tried to brighten it up by placing street art along the 6-ft chain link fence that separated the sidewalk from the grassy area that runs along the highway. I used to drive by and admire the various works made from recycled materials. Sadly, all of the art installations were removed except for a series of colorful letters.

What I think would be wonderful would be to see a wall replace the ugly chain link next to the highway on ramp. One, the wall would help cut down the noise pollution. And, if it was constructed back a little, trees could be planted to help cut down on general pollution. The view is not worth keeping thanks to really bad city planning at some point in Louisville history (it is literally a view of a highway).

What I think would be even better, though, would be to set the neighborhood apart with art. Why not incorporate a wall made of recycled mosaic art? Can you imagine a wall with a depiction of the neighborhood's history (think steamboats) or a river view of the city. Maybe the faces of past residents. Materials could be old dishes, wine bottles, old tiles, even ceramic figurines. It would keep us weird and wonderful!

While trying to find more mosaic examples and a photo of the area I am referring to in Portland, I stumbled upon this artist's blog. It seems my idea is not unique. I'm still learning who all the visionaries are in my adopted 'hood. I love his idea of incorporating a "permaculture" aspect to the street art and he clearly sees a wall in the same place as I do. I think this was the original sketch for the artwork I mentioned used to be there. I should contact this guy, but I think this group of artists have given up on Portland.

Here are some more mosaic examples:


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  1. Wow! What a wonderful idea! I wish you luck!
    Please keep us posted!