Sunday, January 29, 2017

Call Off the Search Party

I think "Bring back the blogging" has been on my goal list for going on two years now. I am obviously not honoring my goals to their fullest. Anyway, so I am going to try this again. I miss the routine, the writing, the sharing of a blog. Back in 2003 I began blogging for the first time. Things seemed different then and the community of bloggers seemed smaller. Then again, I was of that age when peak interest in reading and writing blogs seems to happen. I am much older now.

So, I guess I'll just catch you all up on what life in West Louisville has been for the past year or so...

  • Currently on a No Spend Year (another on-going goal) as I am working on eliminating the post-divorce debt. 
  • Getting ready to head back to court (fucking divorce that will never be).
  • Working on a Plan B in case my job should falter (not that I am expecting that or anything).
  • Reading tons of library books.
  • I've made some progress on the Shotgun House, but much more to do.
  • Working towards a Vegan diet (been vegetarian for a long time).
  • I am less community active, sadly.
  • Trying not to be depressed about the state of the world.
  • Obsessed currently with Freeganism, seiten, bread baking, zero waste and mushroom foraging.
  • Wishing I could travel more.
Seeing all of this in list form makes me feel boring and lazy. I am hoping that by blogging here again I can rejuvenate that adventurous polymath of a gypsy that lives inside me. She seems to be hiding these days and I could really use her help in shocking me back into productivity. 

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